Our History

We are based in Los Angeles, a city in constant motion and change: The weather, the cultural mix and the geographic location give it a special "LA vibe" that no other city has. It is the bellwether for modern trends. The strong Latin roots and European influx provides natural communication with the global market.

1618 Design Studio is a product of this environment, where creative thinking, eclectic designs and solid business principals are the foundations for a group of professionals that are dedicated to their craft, not because they "have" to, but because they "love" to.

At 1618 Design Studio we are always expanding our horizons and pushing the envelope. Our greatest resource is the diversity of our human element. With hands on experience in design, art, web development, e-commerce and marketing, 1618 offers turnkey solutions to big and small projects alike.

1618 is the classic story of a group of friends, from diverse backgrounds, that collaborated to create a business. Each member comes with a skill set that was honed in both public and private companies. We provide quality for a fair price.

By learning as much as we can from the customers, 1618 is in a better position to provide creative ideas that make a difference. We want to partner with our clients and help them grow, while letting our experience in the various disciplines of marketing, web design and technology be a resource.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


Our Culture

At 1618 Design Studio we take a consultative approach. We will analyze your current situation and suggest a cost effective solution that will meet your personal needs and be relevant to your particular industry, market segment or express you on your personal web page.

We know how to listen. We learn as much as we can about and from our clients so that we can effectively utilize our expertise in marketing, web design and information technology to present ideas that make a difference. We consider our customers partners.

1618 Design Studio is long on experience with a wide set of skills. We are on top of the latest trends so we can avoid the gimmicks and utilize what is working.

We love what we do.

If you have any questions, please contact us.